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Screen Printing

Screen printing provides a high quality, long-lasting print and is excellent for large print areas. We can print on most garments (but not over zips or seams). We highly recommend Screen Printing for your custom branding on t-shirts, for example.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing works by transferring ink onto a product through a series of fine mesh screens.
Artwork Requirements:  Vector based, in either EPS, AI, or PDF format. Designs can be up to eight colours (though up to 4 colours is recommended) and can be up to A3 (297 x 420mm) in size.

Please note: Colour matching (Pantone/PMS) is easy on white surfaces, but it gets harder the darker garment.

Set-up: A one-off setup fee applies. It is quite a process to set up for screen printing as every colour for a design requires a separate screen. But once a design is set-up it’s good for life!

Pricing: The price of screen printing depends on the number of colours, the size, and the quantity to be printed.Screen printing is very cost effective for large runs but can be a bit costly for small runs or designs with many colours. We recommend a minimum of 10 garments to make screen printing worthwhile.

​Digital Heat Transfers

Digital printing is great for one-off or small custom branding runs. There are no limits to the colours and complexity of your artwork, and no fancy setup is required. Your print can be up to A3 (297 x 420mm).Though digital printing provides a great quality print, only approximate Pantone/PMS colour matches are possible, plus it is not quite as long-lasting as a high quality screen print.

What it Digital Heat Transfer?  

We print your images onto special transfer paper and cut to shape. These images are then heat pressed onto the product to give a permanent bond.

Artwork requirements:  Vector-based files like EPS, AI, or PDF format are best. But other file types like JPG, PNG, and TIF will work – though the higher the resolution the better.

Set-up:  No special setup is required for digital printing. Any old high resolution or vector image can be used!

Pricing:  Based on a per item basis. Digital printing is very affordable for small runs as there is no setup fee. For large runs it can be more expensive than screen printing.

​Vinyl Transfers

This technique is great for letters, numbers (e.g. customised team sports uniforms) and monochrome logos.

What is a Vinyl Transfer?  Fancy computers cut out solid vinyl colours into letters or numbers, which are then applied by heat transfer to your product.

Artwork  RequirementsVector based, in either EPS, AI, or PDF format. Please note that not all Pantone/PMS colours can be matched, as there needs to be a vinyl available in the required colour.

Set-up:  There is no special setup required for vinyl transfers.

Pricing:  Vinyl transfer is very cost-effective and priced in tiers based on quantity.


Embroidery is timeless and durable. It gives a professional look to any item including clothing, caps, bags and much more. We highly recommend embroidery for custom branding polo shirts, hats, and beanies.

What is Embroidery?

Also called ‘Monogramming’, a machine stitches coloured threads directly into a garment or other item to make the design.
Artwork : RequirementsJPG, PNG or PDF file format plus PMS/pantone colours
Set-up:  A one-off setup charge applies. This set-up process tells the machine where to place each stitch in the design. Unless there are changes to your logo, the setup is only done once and stored for all future use.
Pricing:  Price is determined by the number of stitches in the design and the number of garments being embroidered. The bigger the design, the more stitches there will be.